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(if tl;dr please skip to the bold bit! I have a little announcement! :))

I didn't have a computer for almost three weeks. My computer arrived soon after I moved to Leicester, but my motherboard was faulty. I had to get it replaced, then it was mixed up and they never sent off my replacement. After calling Amazon, it turned out that apart from the mix up, my motherboard wasn't in stock, sooooo I had to wait longer. Finally I cancelled the replacement and just got a refund and got my mobo somewhere else. Overall, I had to wait three weeks to get my PC/internet.

She's runs beautifully now though.

I'm in Leicester now, I'm loving De Montfort and my course and everyone here is just so great. I literally feel like I'm falling in love with everything and everyone! It's such a great experience. It's scary and exhilarating to be finally almost fully independent. Once you're thrown into a completely new environment, you really find yourself, maybe that's just my experience though. I absolutely love it. :heart:

I'm studying Game Art Design at De Montfort which is the only Skillset Accredited game art course in England. As part of my course we have to start an art blog where we discuss our experience, show off our work, talk about some of the processes etc. Basically documenting our every step.
If anyone is interested in studying a Game Art course at De Montfort, it's really worth looking for DMU students' art blogs.

If you want to read my rants and see my sketches, work in progress and the things that I'm studying, take a look at my blog! :)  

I only just started it, but I shall be posting more of my work soon! I'll definitely be much more active on my blog than deviantart. I'll upload any personal, fully finished works to DA, but if youre interested in seeing my thought process, the actual drawing process etc, follow my blog. :)

If you have your own blog, let me know!  

It's good to be back. :aww:
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Stealthero Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I couldn't be happier for you, girl :D. Sounds like your doing great and certainly enjoying the ride. I hope you get a lot of opportunities to grow in the gaming industry with your work :w00t:, I'm sure you'll do just fine :hug:

Hey, I'm definitely gonna stalk you over there in your blog as well! It's going to be interesting to see your updates over there too! ;D I don't have a blog yet, but maybe soon :p

My best wishes! :love:
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October 16, 2012